Hand in hand

Our strategy as an investor

Dedicated Growth´s ambition is to develop and expand portfolio companies in partnership with management and the board to create long-term and lasting value for investors, employees, customers and other stakeholders. Areas of core competences:

Geographic expansion

Dedicated Growth´s core markets for investments are the Nordics, the UK, Spain and the German spoken regions. We are, however, always open for interesting opportunities globally.

Innovation and Product development

At Dedicated Growth we don’t perform our own product development. We aim at supporting our port-folio companies developing world class hardware having intelligent firmware (AI), connectivity / data transfer enabling big data turning into accessible intelligence. Most business should have an element of recurring monthly turnover – the combination of installed hardware with 24/7 data connectivity is our favourite business model.


We invest early stage into new global trends! Digitalisation of cities, next generation public transportation, sustainable food production, ecological and sustainable quality tourism and digitalisation of healthcare are some of the areas we are currently active within.

If you are having a business transforming or disrupting your current industry – take contact and let us develop a blue ocean strategy followed by scaling the business international. We are looking forward hearing from you.

Add on

We actively use add on acquisitions as a strategic tool. Merging technologies, services and adding geographic presents are key to speed up time to market and growing the company. By combining available technologies in a new way, we aim at reaching a blue ocean platform solution where we offer more than most direct competitors. Best price can never be a sales argument – best platform technology and highest level of accessible intelligence generated suddenly can!

Dedicated Growth is looking for companies ready to take the next step!

We are constantly looking for companies with a drive and desire to develop. Our investments focus on established tech start-up companies with 5 – 20 staff members and a turnover from EUR 200.000 to EUR Mill 1.0. Preferable within the Smart City Industry.

Disruptive Innovation is doable! - Contact us