At Dedicated Growth we support the right conditions for development.

Dedicated Growth is a German based company with the goal of creating good opportunities for technology companies to accelerate growth and strategic development. All our companies are aiming at establishing themselves on new geographic markets to deliver growth e.g. through skilled management having an entrepreneurial spirit. In the role of an active investor, we add skills and capital, along with a wide network of industrialists and experts who can strengthen the boards and provide strategic advice to the management team.

Dedicated Growth invests as a business angel after the first proof of concept. Typically, a start-up has finalised the first product prototypes and the first turnover has been generated. The start-up might have a small dedicated team typically existing of the founders and the first employees. After the start-up has reached proof of concept, they often are in need of further capital, a strategy concept for growing the company internationally and making the products scalable. An option is finding technology suppliers from Asia where we build on our strong track record finding suitable suppliers.

With our network within BA and PE investors we support the different series of fund-raising rounds.

All processes emerge through constructive discussion with the management team members each arguing from different perspectives. The different experiences and backgrounds are important in this context – the collaboration should be built on complementary skills and a common vision. Honesty and a both way high ethical standard are a must in this process.

Dedicated Growth is looking for companies ready to take the next step!

We are constantly looking for companies with a drive and desire to develop. Our investments focus on established tech start-up companies with 5 – 20 staff members and a turnover from EUR 200.000 to EUR Mill 1.0. Preferable within the Smart City Industry.

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